Handmade Shoes Purple

Handmade Shoes Purple

  • £55.00

The 700 years old traditional, genuine leather shoes have made a big come back with a contemporary touch.

It is natural up to its inner lining, base and yarn, does not contain any synthetic material and is completely handmade. The plant called çiriş, which is found between the two skins in our Yemenis, helps the body to relax by removing static electricity from the body. Our Yemenis do not cause sweating or odor. On the contrary, it treats the fungus between the feet and toes and prevents its recurrence.


Every pair is unique and all the stitches are hand sewn by the skilled craftsmen in Southern Anatolia. Today, as in the past, the heelless Yemeni are still made by natural leather. No chemicals are used. Even when it comes to stitching we keep it natural by using 100% cotton rope with beewax. The main reason why the Yemeni are long lasting and reliable is the fact that they are made of different highest quality leather varieties. The sole is made of buffalo skin or cowhide, the face is made of goat skin, the soft calf leather, the soft inner lining is made of sheep skin, the foot bed is made of goat or ox skin and the sides are made of kidskin. They are comfortable, fashionable, healty and natural. As Yemeni are entirely made with natural materials, they prevent foot odor and corns by allowing the feet to breathe and disperse sweat.

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